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This leading real estate network is franchisee owned and operated, with offices in over 100 countries with more than 115,000 sales associates. The company was in need of a cloud-based modern data platform initiative to simplify their current processes.


The organization initiated an information architecture assessment that led to an information architecture roadmap, including design plans and a high-level information architecture to meet the organizational goals and objectives. This includes a modern, a scalable cloud-based data platform that will form the foundation to equip their agents and customer network with the data from more than 600 potential data sources that will enable analytics.

The Datasource Solution

The company turned to Datasource to develop a next-generation data platform that creates a scalable, secure, accessible, and cost-effective Cloud-based platform. The team architected the platform to easily add new data sources from a variety of feeds, adapt to changes in underlying data structures, provide the ability to analyze structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, and cost-effectively scale as the volume of data and number of users grow.

The Results

The Datasource solution provided the following value and enhancements to the client:

  • Enhanced BI reports, self-service models, and analytics inventory
  • Source data and system inventory metrics and operational efficiency built for future growth Data Integrations and Audit, Balance, and Control
  • Highly available Snowflake cloud data warehouse with scalability to handle seasonality, workload variability, and growth
  • Integration with a variety of tools and technologies natively by design via API
  • Secure Cloud Data Lake, Audit & Security, Performance Management, and Highly Available technology stack
  • Global availability to franchises at solution launch
  • Cloud security model used integration with the current on-prem identity and access control

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