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Datasource partners with life sciences organization to create a data management program for expediting monthly and quarterly close processes and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Client Background

This leading genomics company − an industry at the intersection of biology and technology − is making bold discoveries that are transforming healthcare beyond its previous reach. Early on, the company’s products enabled researchers to explore DNA on an entirely new scale, helping them create the first map of gene variations associated with health, disease, and drug response. Today the organization’s innovation continues to drive a deeper understanding of genetic variations, and those discoveries are leading to potential breakthrough treatments.

Business Focus

After working with Datasource for several previous implementations, this global genomics innovator partnered with Datasource yet again for a new Business Intelligence project. The client needed to streamline internal reporting of purchasing data for accrual and quarter close, following the implementation of a new ERP system and data mart.

Client Challenge

Looking for continuous improvements, the company launched the Global Business Performance (GBP) initiative in 2013. The goal of the program was to ensure the organization had a solid and scalable foundation to support future growth. As a result, seven core business processes across the organization were redefined, streamlined, and migrated from JDE to a global, single instance ERP – an SAP environment.

After the transition to SAP, company leaders realized there were gaps in the company’s data warehouse; the system hadn’t matured to the level required by the business users. The team identified gaps in its purchasing, supply chain, and financial data which made it difficult to ensure transparency and create meaningful reports quickly.

The Datasource Solution

Looking for a solution, the organization turned to Datasource Consulting. The team included a data architect, senior solution architect, an ETL lead, and an ETL developer. With a tight timeline of only a couple months, leaders determined the top priority was to address immediate reporting needs for finance, purchasing, and supply chain, specifically streamlining the accrual, quarter close, and purchase order reporting.

Datasource started by speaking with stakeholders within the organization − everyone from IT leaders to the business reporting team. The scope of the project included technical discovery, requirement definition, data profiling, data modeling, and ETL development and deployment.

Datasource mapped out approximately 150 new attributes and worked closely with the internal team responsible for data profiling to better understand the data that composed each report attribute.

This included a range of transactional data − data that is entered into the SAP systems, including orders, purchasing details, internal and external data, vendor information, and much more.

During the data staging process, Datasource exposed over 500 attributes and enabled approximately 150 attributes for reporting.

The Results

Datasource worked within the company’s tight project timeline to architect, model, and build an integrated and scalable purchasing data mart where purchasing data is extracted, transformed, and loaded into the data warehouse. Today this solution powers the company’s finance and supply chain teams to fulfill critical financial reporting needs.

The finance and supply chain leaders now have a more mature data warehouse and a sophisticated financial reporting solution with the ability to:

  • Efficiently close the books on a monthly basis
  • Clearly view and consume purchasing data for accrual, quarter close, and purchase order reporting
  • Improve internal and external financial transparency

With the purchasing data mart up and running, business users can now not only utilize the data warehouse for more efficient monthly and quarterly close processes. They can also unlock the value of purchasing reports to improve transparency and make more informed decisions. Today the company’s finance team pulls from the updated data warehouse and new data mart for the financial statements. The information is fed into statements the company publishes for business users and executive leaders, allowing the organization to meet regulatory compliance mandates.

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