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Datasource Consulting helps a leading genetic sequencing firm to cleanse data in preparation for an ERP data migration and a data quality initiative.

Client Background

With over $1B in revenue this genetic sequencing leader has made a living, manufacturing integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and biological function. Data is at the core of this corporation’s business, but with rapid growth, the company found itself facing the daunting task of migrating to a more sophisticated SAP ERP platform.

As with most ERP migrations, a major hurdle was migrating dirty data from the legacy application to the new platform. To resolve data quality issues, they decided to launch a new cleansing initiative, leveraging Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) before migrating to the new ERP. The data quality initiative focused on duplicate records, non-standard formats, blank values, missing default values, and invalid addresses.

The Datasource Solution

As a long-term strategic partner, Datasource had previously helped this customer to establish reliable Data Integration and Reporting and Analytics environments. This enabled Datasource to hit the ground running, integrating seamlessly within the customer’s development environment. Datasource quickly established a team of one data quality architect and one senior solution architect. The project was broken up into two main releases: Customer Data Domain and Product Data Domain.

Initially, Datasource collaborated with an Informatica consulting team to establish and ensure that the Velocity methodology was followed and best practices were leveraged throughout the duration of the project. In line with Datasource’s proven Data Quality methodology, the steps taken on the project included:

  • Performed profiling to determine which data elements to include
  • Defined validation and manipulation rules based on profile results and needs of the target ERP (SAP)
  • Determined address validation requirements
  • Determined match and merge requirements
  • Designed reusable IDQ objects
  • Leveraged Logical Data Objects (LDOs) for profiles
  • Created scorecards with notifications to monitor data quality
The Results

By seamlessly integrating into the project team, Datasource was able to collaborate with the customer and Informatica to successfully drive the overall project to completion. The project was a success, and it empowered the customer to:

  • Cleanse customer and product data, ready for migration to the new ERP
  • View exception records to update the data in the existing ERP
  • View trends and overall health of the data through scorecards
  • Establish a set of development standards for IDQ to be leveraged by future data quality initiatives

Each table/column/rule combination was unique, but during this project, the team saw data quality improve, from 50% to over 97% clean on average. This improvement stood testament to the data quality approach and methodology and resulted in multiple subsequent data quality initiatives.

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