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Data Warehouse Architecture

Datasource helped this top email platform provider build an Enterprise Data Warehouse Architecture to measure corporate-wide performance and business outcomes, as well as aid in important strategic decision-making.

Client Background

The top email platform provider improves financial analysis with Hybrid Cloud Data Management, using Amazon Redshift and Informatica. The company’s innovative cloud-based email platform delivers emails on behalf of growing companies. They eliminate the complexity of sending email, saving time and money, while providing reliable delivery to the inbox.

Business Focus

This transformative company is changing the way emails are delivered for all businesses − from startups to some of today’s most recognizable brands. This company created a streamlined, cloud-based email delivery engine for sending transactional emails and email marketing. Their unique platform allows developers and marketers to simply craft, segment, test, and successfully deliver emails, helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers.

Datasource Solution

The organization turned to Datasource Consulting to help bring more visibility into the company’s reporting and billing structure. Team leaders determined they wanted a Data Warehouse that would pull data from multiple sources (both on premise and cloud). They also wanted a system that would deliver ad-hoc analytic capabilities for reporting as well as user friendly Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

The Datasource team included two primary consultants – a Data Warehouse Architect / ETL Developer and a full-time ETL Developer. The Data Architect assessed the overall Data Warehouse Architecture and suggested required changes and improvements to existing tools and technologies. We later added a Project Manager to help get the project over the finish line.

The Result

The company successfully launched their Production Data Warehouse using Amazon Redshift and Informatica Hybrid solutions. Today, the data is pulled from six sources, and the infrastructure includes a mix of both cloud and on-premise solutions. Using the integrated Looker BI Tool, the team can collect, store, analyze, and visualize data more effectively than ever before.

The executive and senior leadership teams have access to self-service analytics with a foundational view of customers, products, revenue, email volume, and usage data. This detailed level of reporting ties data to billing and future infrastructure planning, providing significant value to leadership teams. This is the first time multiple data sources have been integrated and displayed in a consolidated, central location for analysis on a near real-time basis.

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