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Datasource partners with this credit union to perform a vendor neutral assessment and create a strategic roadmap to modernize its data warehouse.

Client Background

Founded in the mid-1930s, this credit union, located in the Northern region of the United States, has grown to become one of the largest full service financial institutions in the area, managing approximately $2 billion of assets.

The credit union recognizes that its ability to manage information as a strategic asset is vital to maintaining its member relationships as well as attracting new millennial members who are constantly seeking access to more information. As a result, the credit union was an early adopter of Business Intelligence (BI), and BI remains one of the organization’s top strategic objectives to this day.

Business Focus

For years, the credit union used a legacy ETL tool; however, they were informed the tool would be retired and no longer supported. With an immediate need for a solution, the credit union debated which software to use, including an Informatica ETL solution and the Microsoft Technology Stack. Due to their unfamiliarity with the toolsets and an ongoing internal debate, the credit union sought out Datasource Consulting for an unbiased third-party opinion.

The Datasource Solution

Datasource performed an accelerated vendor neutral assessment to identify a tool that would best the fit the organization’s needs as well as created a strategic roadmap for a phased transition from the legacy ETL tool to the proposed new tool.

The results of the assessment identified Informatica PowerCenter, a high-performance enterprise data integration platform, as the tool best suited for the project. The credit union decided to both employ the tool and leverage Datasource’s past experience and knowledge of Informatica PowerCenter for the data warehouse implementation.

The Implementation: Informatica PowerCenter

Datasource worked closely with the credit union team to:

  • Install, configure, and support the Informatica PowerCenter for the development, test, and production environments
  • Analyze existing data sources and data transformation processes
  • Create ETL specifications for the data warehouse
  • Design, develop, and unit test ETL audit control capabilities
  • Design, develop, and unit test Informatica ETL mappings, sessions, and workflows
  • Design, develop, and unit test scheduling jobs to kick off the processes
  • Run integration and system testing of all components to ensure they effectively run end-to-end

Datasource also mentored and supported the staff, post-Informatica training, in standards, coding, and administering the environment as well as in the graduated implementation of Agile values and techniques, ensuring the credit union’s long-term success after the project ended.

The Results

As a result of the engagement, the legacy ETL tool integrations were successfully transitioned into a new data warehouse. All current data warehouse data was included as well as historical and new data from four source systems: deposit accounts, credit card accounts, real estate loans, and personal/auto loans.

The project was deemed a huge success by both the credit union and Datasource Consulting. It ended ahead of schedule, and the credit union continues to work with Datasource today to identify and refine existing technologies and processes to better leverage data. The two organizations are currently partnered to develop a front-end BI solution and report conversion to add even greater value to the business.

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