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Data Warehouse Modernization Solution, Phase I

Datasource was chosen, by the fourth largest credit union in the US, to build a data warehouse modernization solution with an independent integration layer to replace a legacy BI solution.

Client Background

Founded in the mid-1930s, this credit union, located in the Northern region of the United States, has grown to become one of the largest full service financial institutions in the area, managing approximately $2 billion of assets.

The credit union recognizes that its ability to manage information as a strategic asset is vital to maintaining its member relationships as well as attracting new millennial members who are constantly seeking access to more information. As a result, the credit union was an early adopter of Business Intelligence (BI), and BI remains one of the organization’s top strategic objectives to this day.

Business Focus

For years, the credit union used a legacy ETL tool; however, they were informed the tool would be retired and no longer supported. With an immediate need for a solution, the credit union debated which software to use, including an Informatica ETL solution and the Microsoft Technology Stack. Due to their unfamiliarity with the toolsets and an ongoing internal debate, the credit union sought out Datasource Consulting for an unbiased third-party opinion.

The Datasource Solution

In phase one of this project, the Datasource team focused on an “analyze and architect” effort for the first release (1.0). We started with installation, configuration, setting standards, roles, and processes, and establishing ETL design templates, and conducted a holistic conceptual model to ensure that each release is interoperable with previous and subsequent releases. For the Data Warehouse release, Datasource worked with the credit union team to:

  • Perform conceptual data modeling
  • Develop business and technical requirements and establish development standards
  • Analyze the source system and profile the data
  • Design server and ETL architecture
  • Install and configure the Informatica platform
  • Perform logical and physical data modeling
  • Design, develop, and test the ETL mappings, sessions, and workflows
  • Create a data dictionary
The Results

The Datasource team successfully completed the following project deliverables:

  • Development, test, and production – Installation and configuration of multiple Informatica products across three different platforms
  • Three-layer architecture Implementation to facilitate data acquisition, integration and presentation layers
  • Encryption of PCI data elements – Datasource applied reliable encryption of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to ensure it meets the security standards designed for all companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information to maintain a secure environment
  • Refine logic – Improvement of party, branch, organization, and person logic to facilitate data integration among multiple vendor source systems
  • Faster processing time – Creation of month-end snapshots to facilitate quicker processing times on analytics queries
  • Put it into effect – Implementation of process audit balance control, error management, and restartability
  • Development of a high degree of ETL component consistency and re-usability to improve maintainability new developer onboarding
  • Incorporation of Informatica address cleaning, as well as assimilation of a new change data capture process

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