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Datasource partners with a top integrated healthcare company for a next-generation data warehouse, enabling the organization’s Marketing Intelligence team to make informed decisions regarding clinic expansion, service offerings, and patient care.

Client Background

This top integrated healthcare company adopted a next generation data warehouse to make more informed decisions about clinic expansion, patient service, and overall clinical effectiveness. This organization cares for patients in more than 2,200 clinics and delivers life-sustaining services to hundreds of thousands of patients each year.


In light of increasing competition and with an enduring commitment to improve patient care, the client’s Market Intelligence team wanted to better leverage its data to optimize clinic effectiveness for location, performance, and activity.

Prior to working with Datasource Consulting, this organization relied on a data warehouse built from two data sources. They had cobbled together a dashboard from several different data sources to provide new insights and analytical capabilities to executives and field personnel. The maintenance of the data blending was not feasible in the long-run. With users already excited by a new prototype, they partnered with Datasource to integrate the new data into the existing data warehouse.

The system pulled together data from seven disparate internal and external data sources. It collected operational and financial data as well as patient data, competitor clinic data, and demographics. Leaders outlined key objectives for the updates to the data warehouse:

  • Deliver data as quickly as possible
  • Follow the architecture and standards of the existing Data Vault design
  • Create an easy-to-use single data source for the Market Intelligence team application
  • Design to accommodate defined analytical needs of enterprise stakeholders in the future
The Datasource Solution

Faced with a tight deadline, Datasource provided a business intelligence team to deliver a scalable, flexible, supportable, and cost effective data warehousing solution. The team included a scrum master, data architect, senior solution architect, multiple ETL resources, and a business analyst.

Datasource applied a Lean BI approach, relying on Agile and Waterfall development methodologies. With this practice, Datasource rapidly and incrementally integrated new data into the existing warehouse.

The Roadmap

Datasource project management consultants teamed up with the company’s Project Management Office (PMO) to delineate the project into multiple benchmarks and deliverables. Project outline:

  • Worked with the Market Intelligence team to define data requirements in a data catalog
  • Modeled the data design based on the business to optimize usability and durability
  • Analyzed and profiled various internal and external data sources to collect the correct data
  • Designed and built the ETL mappings with robust audit, balance, and control
  • Modeled the data design based on the business to optimize usability and durability
  • Supported client QA and UAT
The Results

The data warehouse upgrade was delivered successfully, both on time and under budget. Today, the Market Intelligence team has streamlined access to critical data and reporting. The expanded BI dashboard now pulls data from the enterprise data warehouse. Reporting and analytics now show both high-level views and granular detail into the performance of several business areas, such as:

  1. Market Physician-Practice – tracking associations of physicians to practices
  2. Market Intelligence – CMS market data on competitors updated by field personnel
  3. Facility P&L – a history of monthly facility profit and loss statements
  4. Facility Performance – monthly treatment, patient, and station counts
  5. Treatment Through Discharge – treatments in and discharges from clinics
  6. Referral Through Admission – referrals and admissions to clinics
  7. Market Contacts – business development contact events from the CRM system

High-quality data gives the Market Intelligence team the information they need to make informed decisions. Team members now have qualified data at their fingertips to help support decisions, regarding clinic expansion, service offerings, patient care, marketing analysis, and competitive analysis. The Market Intelligence team continues to leverage the system and the data to improve effectiveness across the organization.

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