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Datasource helped this branch of the U.S. Armed Forces generate actionable insights from its marketing, recruiting intelligence and outreach efforts through the development of a custom reporting solution.

Client Background

Our client is a division of a branch of the United States Armed Forces and a critical component of ongoing military operations. They routinely engage in a variety of marketing and outreach activities focused on attracting volunteers to provide service to their country.

In Phase 1 of work with this client, we delivered foundational Return on Investment (ROI) analytics for their marketing activities, to determine which efforts would generate the best long-term results.

Business Focus

Appreciating the self-service and analytical capabilities delivered in Phase 1, the client requested an expansion of the supplemental data sources used in their marketing analytics application.

Consistent with their culture of data- and analytics-driven business decisions, this Phase 2 augmentation was designed to further enhance ROI analytics and increase the robustness of their marketing analytics application.

Datasource Solution: Phase 2

Part two focused on the implementation of the recommendations document, training current assets on the updated infrastructure, building a pilot system, and delivering a scalable architecture. Development on the pilot implementation was well underway. As they reached the first milestone, an impenetrable barrier presented a major roadblock – an inability to access a highly secured target system. An Act of Congress was needed to gain access. Our consultants recommended an alternate route which required them to start over. The proposed strategy involved standing up the pilot integration (data mart, reporting tools, etc.), using a SQL database and SSRS in the Datasource Consulting test environment. The intent was to integrate the solution in a different onsite target system once completed. Permission was granted. With a modified tactical plan in hand, our senior consultants marched on with development.

The Result

Datasource delivered an efficient and effective way for this client to conduct ongoing national marketing, market analysis, and accessions analytics. These capabilities are now being used to develop best-value strategies and tactics for motivating the most qualified candidates to consider volunteering in our client’s branch of the armed forces.

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