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Reporting and Analytics

Strategy Assessments
The first step to evolve your BI & Analytics Program is to define a strategy for scalability and sustainability. It’s essential to define and understand the goals of the program to align all stakeholders. Datasource has conducted BI & Analytics strategy assessments across a variety of industries and worked closely with our customers to effectively execute. Our BI and EDM professionals will help customize a strategic initiative that makes the most sense for efficient and successful delivery.
Report Rationalization
As Enterprise reporting operations grow and include many different departments, it’s common for there to be redundant and stale reports bogging down the environment. To align with the best practice of ‘keeping it simple’ it’s important to re-establish a baseline and conduct an overall BI & Analytics Report Rationalization. This exercise can be targeted towards one BI technology or many. Datasource leverages a methodology and a set of templates to effectively facilitate the rationalization and prioritization process.
KPI Assessments
If you can’t measure it, you can’t monitor it. More importantly, departments must ensure they are capturing, measuring and monitoring actionable measures that will move the needle. Whether we are trying to decrease costs, increase profits or customer satisfaction it’s imperative that your BI Program is focused on the metrics that are most critical to the business community. Identifying this short list of ‘Key Performance Indicators’ across various departments is often easier said than done. Defining the list is a strategic initiative that begins with a cross swath of interviews from analysts to executives, as well as technicians. Analyzing and refining this list will strongly position your BI Program to quickly and effectively define a Return on Business Intelligence Investment.
BI Software Installation
Across the spectrum of Enterprise BI Reporting and Analytics applications there are a variety of approaches for installation. Our BI Architects specialize in installation best practice in consideration of scalability and supportability. The majority of Enterprise reporting applications include an Installation guide but you’ll quickly find any number of troubleshooting tips and install approaches across site blogs. Before attempting to get a proper install it’s important to ensure you are moving forward with a proper server architecture. This will involve right-sizing the install across database, web and application servers and should also include a clean one-page graphic illustrating the architecture.
Upgrades and Migrations
It’s important to keep your BI tools up-to-date in order to leverage the leanest and best code sets available. Depending upon the tool-set, upgrades are not always straightforward. They must be planned appropriately, incorporating considerations for end user impact as well as communications and new feature training and benefits. Datasource can also support any resulting report migrations. Datasource BI architects can help smoothly guide you through this process from the technical deployments to the overall strategy and solution delivery.
Administration and Support
Our team of BI experts are well-versed with market leading tools and deeply immersed within the technology from front-end development to back-end administration. If your program is in need of 24x7 administration and support we can help define an approach and execute with a team of on and off-shore experts to keep the system highly available at a reasonable cost.
Enterprise Reporting & Analytics
Datasource BI Architects and Developers can help establish standards and best practices for an enterprise BI solution, including the underlying architecture and data models, development and deployment processes, and identifying and developing the most optimal set of enterprise reports. Developing dynamic visualizations to better equip executives and decision makers with actionable insights is an opportunity that many organizations have yet to exploit. Datasource will work closely with your organization to identify key metrics and define the most effective dashboards that are dynamic, intuitive and will provide those insights that truly make a difference.
Self-Service Models
As experts within the Enterprise Data Management space Datasource specializes in developing the effective data models and architectures to support self-service reporting. Developing the semantic model is a key to linking the underlying data architecture to business facing reports and self-service drag and drop models. The appropriate architecture is imperative to a lean yet robust, scalable business facing BI solution.

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