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Datasource assessments leverage a proven methodology to evaluate the maturity, efficiency, and effectiveness of a data management program and provide a strategic roadmap to implement incremental changes to unlock the business value of data.

Considering an Assessment A Tailored Approach What You Receive

Considering an Assessment


Organizations typically choose to do an assessment either because they do not currently have EDM capabilities in place and are looking for a new enterprise solution, or because the EDM solution they have needs to be upgraded or enhanced. Either way, a Datasource assessment is an invaluable initial step in the right direction.

A Tailored Approach

When engaged as your trusted strategic advisor, Datasource assessments leverage a proven methodology that is molded to your organization’s needs. Since every organization’s BI and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) requirements are different, the optimal mix of people, processes and technologies for each program may vary. To ensure our assessments meet each client’s unique needs, we start with in-depth discussions to help determine the scope of the assessment. That allows us to identify the specific areas to be examined, and then tailor our proven approach accordingly.

What You Receive

Deliverables from a completed assessment provide the client with a strategic future state roadmap, along with a tactical plan for actionable next steps. The detailed report and/or presentation typically includes documentation of current state, findings and recommendations, a future state vision, a roadmap and estimates, and a benefits summary.

The assessment deliverables, including the roadmap and tactical plan for actionable next steps, are designed to stand alone. This ensures the value of the assessment can be effectively leveraged moving forward whether Datasource is engaged, the client chooses a different partner, or uses internal resources.

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