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BI In The Cloud

The Cloud can reduce the high capital costs of hardware and software, increase scalability and enable greater agility of your BI environment.  However, we understand that deploying all or some of your BI in the Cloud can be a daunting proposition.  In addition to the overwhelming number of vendors and Cloud offerings available, the concerns over performance, security, and reliability can overshadow the substantial benefits that the Cloud promises.

At Datasource, we have experience with all services in the public Cloud, from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We’ve provided both architectural and deployment services to ensure that your Cloud BI implementation is secure, responsive and reliable.

Benefits Solution Options


Organizations are looking to the Cloud in increasing numbers as network bandwidth increases, cloud based software matures and vendors become more reliable.  For BI there are numerous benefits that the cloud provides including:

  • Flexibility to scale computing resources with few barriers
  • Ability to shorten BI implementation windows
  • Reduced upfront cost for BI programs
  • Fewer resources required to support hardware and software
  • Ability to add environments for testing, proof-of-concepts and upgrades

As Cloud vendors continue to specialize in developing data intensive fabrics, these benefits will expand to an even wider audience.

Solution Options

A few Cloud BI solutions we can help you deploy:
Amazon EC2 (IaaS) Birst (SaaS)
Bit Refinery (Hadoop-as-a-Service)
Informatica Cloud (SaaS)
Microsoft Azure (SaaS)
MicroStrategy Cloud (IaaS, SaaS)
Teradata Cloud (IaaS, SaaS)

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