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BI Utilities

Over the years, Datasource has built a powerful set of complementary BI utilities that our consultants may harness to more effectively serve you.

DS ProCare™ Monitoring Dashboard

A dashboard to provide 24/7/365 monitoring of an operational-server environment. Primarily used for the DS ProCare Managed Services offering, this dashboard may also be tailored and leveraged for a variety of server-monitoring purposes.


A utility used to generate the stage mappings for a business intelligence solution. StageGen allows a user to configure a variety of parameters such as schema, table prefix, default data conversions, etc. StageGen then generates database DDL and Informatica XML, which in turn produces stage tables and stage mappings. This utility is particularly useful in environments that have a large number of source systems and/or source files.


ScheduleBI is an application that allows an organization to schedule and automatically run data load jobs, monitor SQL execution, batch scripts and command line tasks, and launch front-end OLAP builds and report caching. The utility is configured to integrate with Informatica, database load scripts, UNIX batch processes and may even be used to kick off BI Tool report caching or cube build processes. ScheduleBI always maintains a detailed audit trail and may be administered via a graphical user interface.


Our ElasticBI utility saves customers money by eliminating the expense of unused instances and provides “as-needed” access to cloud-based servers. For our customers who have chosen to move all or part of their BI infrastructure to the Cloud, ElasticBI provides great value. ElasticBI provides a secured administrative interface from which instances may be started, stopped, scheduled and configured, from a user-friendly graphical interface.

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