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Big Data

Today’s organizations often find that their traditional methodologies and infrastructure cannot handle large volumes and rapid influx of data from disparate sources. Datasource’s Big Data expertise can help design and deploy an environment that rectifies the shortcomings of traditional architecture to maximize the value from your data. Our modern environments leverage Cloud offerings, securely store data, expand existing capabilities, and leverage your Big Data using real-time insights, advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, and IoT applications.


The journey begins with investigating your data platforms and sources and evaluating the best path forward. Together, we’ll explore options and examine the cost-effectiveness of consumption and the benefit to your business.

Defining your data
Is your data Structured, Unstructured, Semi-structured?

• Is it Internal, External, Derived?
• How fast does it flow?
• Are you Streaming, Batch Processing, Eventing?


We design the routes and corridors for consuming your data sources based on the analysis. During the architecture phase, we work with you to establish:
• Current needs
• Toolsets and storage best suited to your data ecosystem and type of incoming data to construct an enterprise environment matched to your objectives.
• Data storage type(s), location(s), and access
• Whether it is most advantageous to leverage Cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid solution for data storage

The term Big Data encompasses multiple definitions and practices. It begins with a large volume of data that can be structured or unstructured, arriving from multiple source systems, at a velocity that may not be conducive to transformation into traditional data stores. There are a variety of technology solutions available to capture, move, integrate, store, and customize your data; determining which is best for you and how to effectively implement can be a challenge.

Datasource Consulting has the knowledge and experience to implement a complete data platform utilizing traditional and newer data technologies. We can help build your data lake and tie it to the best platforms for your requirements, efficiently utilizing that data for advanced analytics and actionable insights tailored to your organization. We start by evaluating your Big Data needs and work with you on design, validation, creation, and support of an effective and efficient Big Data environment.

While traditional data will always be foundational to core business processes, sometimes you need to go ‘bigger’. Data is now as much of an asset as your IP or inventory, and it’s crucial to be able to collect and store large amounts of the data that drives your business. Implementing a Big Data ecosystem helps you increase value by providing infrastructure for greater insights in machine learning and deep analytics. Whether on-premises or in the Cloud, Big Data could be what you need to get to that next level.

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