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Data Integration Accelerator

Why offshore when you can automate? The InfaTools Stage Mapping Generator is a simpler, faster, and better way to develop Informatica PowerCenter mappings.

Simpler Faster Better


With our new data integration mapping utility, you will be able to automatically generate stage mappings, sessions, and workflows without the manual effort required by traditional methods.  Target Tables?  We’ve got that covered as well.  The InfaTools Stage Mapping Generator automatically creates target tables inside the Informatica Data Integration software requiring no manual input into Excel. It is truly a simpler solution for your data integration software.


Interested in saving time on a project? InfaTools Stage Mapping Generator provides mass creation of stage mappings in minutes and has an integrated repository for efficiency.  Manual import of XML is no longer necessary.


All manual functionality has been streamlined into one simple application. Custom mapping templates are provided and ready to use right out of the box. The templates are also maintained and updated. We can even build custom templates to fit your specific project needs.  InfaTools Stage Mapping Generator also reduces QA and manual mapping development.

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