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Data Modeling

With a variety of different applications, databases and NoSQL data stores, many enterprises currently find their data inconsistent and complex, leading to under-utilization, confusion, inaccuracy, distrust, and less informed decision making.

Datasource Consulting focuses on a strong data modeling approach based on well-defined standards, practices, and techniques to form a comprehensive data architecture roadmap. This structure provides your enterprise with a strong methodology to model data in a standard, consistent and predictable way that enables you to utilize data as a corporate resource while also being able to freely adapt to the changing environment.

By developing data models at different levels, Datasource Consulting’s professional data modelers capture the requirements of the business as they are provided. This strategy leads to physical data models that are integrated, consistent, reliable, and usable by all levels of the enterprise.

Our data modelers also develop integrated data models that provide the bridges necessary to enable the data architecture strategy to prepare, convert, and connect the islands of application data and integrate them into a unified data pathway. This integration supports a streamlined data warehouse and reduces redundant applications, freeing up resources to provide faster responses to evolving data requirements in both structured and unstructured data.

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