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Enterprise Data Management is continually evolving. New demands from businesses, regulatory agencies, governments, and ever-changing platforms require the ongoing adoption of best practices.

  • September 19, 2019 11:00 am
    Client Success with Bi-Directional Real-Time MDM
    Host: Bryson Dunn, Director, MDM and Data Quality
    Presenter: John Lieto Director, Data Management Wolters Kluwer
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    In the race to keep up with customer expectations, market competition, and new compliance regulations, businesses today can’t afford to lose time and revenue searching through duplicate records and trying to understand their customer from disparate data. In this presentation, John Lieto of Wolters Kluwer and Bryson Dunn of Datasource Consulting share their success story of the MDM initiative for Wolters Kluwer’s corporate compliance division, and how this solution enabled the company to:

    • Glean a deeper understanding of the customer with a ‘Golden Master’ customer record
    • Improve processes by de-duplicating, preventing future duplication, and providing real-time Data Quality feedback to users
    • Clean up their data by retiring or purging bad records and cleaning bad email addresses
    • Obtain clear insights into their data with system enhancements, data management tools, and customer hierarchies
    • Establish a Data Governance structure to define ownership and management

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