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Enterprise Data Management is continually evolving. New demands from businesses, regulatory agencies, governments, and ever-changing platforms require the ongoing adoption of best practices.

  • August 23, 2018 11:00 am
    Evolution of Operational MDM
    Host: Bryson Dunn
    Presenter: Datasource Consulting
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    The goal of Master Data Management (MDM) is to establish a single version of core entities which are critical to the business of an organization. Just beneath the surface of this seemingly straightforward objective are two common usage styles (analytical and operational), each of which has unique value propositions, intricacies, and challenges. In this educational presentation, Bryson Dunn, MDM Competency Director at Datasource, will explore these MDM approaches and the considerations involved when maturing an analytical solution in support of operational use cases. Webinar attendees will also learn: - Similarities and differences between Analytical and Operational MDM - Value propositions and challenges of each style - Design patterns, tools, and best practices

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