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The Cloud computing era continues to gain momentum and is positioned as the most efficient way to host a Business Intelligence solution. In this educational webinar, we’ll explore a Cloud BI use case across two different technology stacks, dive into user experience from implementation to data discovery, and share lessons learned for a smooth transition to the Cloud.

BI in the Cloud leverages rapidly-evolving Cloud services to deliver information quickly and securely, in a more cost-efficient manner. The technology replaces depreciating hardware and systems administration expense with a lower-cost solution, allowing architects to focus on data delivery instead of backend hosting. This is especially valuable for organizations that need to separate analytic solutions and those looking to decrease their cost of BI solution ownership.

In order to entice Cloud migration, Cloud BI vendors have greatly reduced the barrier to entry by providing zero-cost deployment capabilities, rapid scaling to align with business needs, advanced analytics, seamless integrations with disparate data sources, and new capabilities delivered weekly.

Datasource experts will demonstrate several Cloud BI options and discuss the value each solution can bring to your business. Attendees will learn how upgrading to a Cloud BI architecture will restructure licensing costs, reduce total cost of ownership, and enhance the organization’s analytic horsepower to decrease topline expenses and increase profits.

About Eric Linneman and Kip Lebsock

Eric is a database engineer, cloud deployment and IT project manager with 20+ years of successful enterprise consulting. He has extensive experience with multiple platforms, IT, technical and organizational leadership, and modernization. Eric has received multiple awards for customer engagement, performance, and leadership, and brings continued success at C-level engagement and executive reporting.

Kip has over 20 years of experience in the enterprise data management space, including business intelligence and data warehousing consulting for Fortune 500 companies. He brings large program leadership experience coupled with driving best practices within enterprise data management. Kips’ vertical business experience covers retail, supply chain, logistics, finance, and insurance.

About Matt Caton

Matt is a Senior BI Architect, certified Informatica MDM Specialist, and certified Cognos Multi-Dimensional Report Developer with over 15 years of experience. He specializes in implementing, customizing, and optimizing front-end enterprise reporting solutions, and has continuously delivered exemplary work for Fortune 500 organizations, spanning multiple industries including Healthcare, Military, and Pharmaceuticals.

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