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Many organizations take a “top-down” approach to their data governance programs and view data governance with a broad lens from the onset. While this method can work in some cases, the complexity, cost, and enterprise-wide scope often prolong the initiative, drive it over budget, or make it largely ineffective. In this educational presentation, Datasource’s Russ Starck will share compelling evidence of why the approach of “bootstrapping” your data governance program is the way to go.

This bottom-up method involves choosing projects, processes, and business domains experiencing the most pain and therefore in need of immediate data governance. The initiative can then be streamlined out to the broader organization for a ripple effect of efficiencies and automation. In this webinar, the audience will learn the benefits of:

- Growing the initiative iteratively from the bottom-up
- Focusing your initial efforts on the departmental level: working in close collaboration with the business users who are closest to the data
- Documenting the procedures you create and incorporating them into the core policies and procedures
- Managing the balance between the desire for C-level involvement and the need to continue building from the grassroots level


About Russ Starck

Russ is a driven Data Management professional with over 17 years of experience, exploring all aspects of Data Management from end to end. He is an adept strategist and leader implementing solutions in data acquisition and analysis, data quality, reporting and delivery. Russ always has the end goal of providing valuable business intelligence and analytic insights to guide the business in a dynamic and evolving marketplace, improving operational efficiencies, enhancing market insight, shortening decision times and reducing costs, increasing profits.

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