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As banks and financial services firms re-orient to an increasingly digital and tech-savvy customer base, there is a huge focus on creating a customer-centric organization that is able to cut-through organizational silos driven by product, channels, locations etc. and put the customers’ needs first.

As firms embark on this digital transformation roadmap, there is a growing realization that a strong foundation of clean data is the most critical component of this journey. When banks leverage data as a strategic asset they are able to establish core processes and create an analytics-driven culture that is able to improve customer experience, automate business processes, reduce costs, and manage risk, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Customer data is especially important for these outcomes, but the journey to a true omni-channel customer view can be challenging.

In this presentation, we’ll outline the roadblocks to watch for during an omni-channel customer view endeavor, and how a data strategy featuring MDM and Analytics solutions can help you solve them. Join us to learn:

- The effects of siloed and poor quality data, legacy applications, and other impediments on your customer view
- Best practices for defining an optimal data strategy
- Using MDM to harmonize master and reference data for a single version of the truth
- Applying Analytics to capitalize on your master data with actionable insights

About Asif Ghatala

Asif is the Head of Enterprise Data Management for BFS & Retail verticals and is part of the Analytics leadership team for these verticals.

As a leader in EXL’s EDM & Analytics practice, Asif enables clients to re-orient to an increasingly data-filled, customer-centric, digital world where analytics is the cornerstone of effective decision-making. He leads a practice, that designs and develops high-performance data environments; and combines it with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and modeling tools, to unlock the true potential of data-driven insights to businesses.

Over the past decade, he has led multiple engagements to help our clients minimize risk, boost operational efficiency, create regulatory compliance frameworks, simplify supply chains, and identify new channels for growth and profitability.

About Bryson Dunn

Bryson is passionate about understanding the unique challenges of his customers and implementing innovative solutions to overcome them. With experience as a business development manager, solution architect, and full-stack developer, Bryson encourages the individuals, teams, and organizations he advises to take a holistic and pragmatic approach to data management.

As Datasource’s MDM and DQ Competency Director, Bryson is accountable for overall project success, establishing robust and repeatable delivery methodology, attracting industry-leading talent, bringing technical and vertical solutions to market, and driving business development. He is based in Denver, CO and takes every opportunity to enjoy the Rocky Mountain playground.

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