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A key solution to optimizing business processes for any industry, Master Data Management (MDM) can prove especially crucial to Healthcare organizations. MDM provides deeper data insights across all domains of the company and enables your organization to proactively address regulatory compliance challenges. In this educational presentation, Bryson Dunn, MDM Competency Director at Datasource, will address the challenge Payers face when managing Provider data and explore:

The advantages of a Provider Master solution
How to leverage a Provider Master solution to streamline the outreach process and maintain CMS regulatory compliance
Measuring solution effectiveness
How to optimize a Provider Master solution, with reference architecture


About Bryson Dunn

Bryson is passionate about understanding the unique challenges of his customers and implementing innovative solutions to overcome them. With experience as a business development manager, solution architect, and full-stack developer, Bryson encourages the individuals, teams, and organizations he advises to take a holistic and pragmatic approach to data management.

As Datasource’s MDM Competency Director, Bryson is accountable for overall project success, establishing robust and repeatable delivery methodology, attracting industry-leading talent, bringing technical and vertical solutions to market, and driving business development. He is based in Denver, CO and takes every opportunity to enjoy the Rocky Mountain playground.

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