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Much attention has been paid, appropriately, to building the data warehouse. Architecture, ETL, BI tools, appliances, and agile methodology are certainly relevant to building a data environment optimized for analysis and reporting. However, this discussion will focus on using the data warehouse.

Predictive Analytics leverages advanced statistical modeling to produce powerful forecasting tools. With such tools, one can produce reliable sales forecasts, define staffing needs, set inventory levels and refine manufacturing schedules. Predictive models project the optimal replacement frequency of aircraft parts avoiding expensive or dangerous in-service failures. Actuaries use statistical models to set competitive insurance premiums that cover health care costs with reasonable profit margin.

The presentation will start with a reminder look at simple linear regression and correlation and expand into more advanced analytics such as multivariate regression and principal component analysis. It will offer suggestions for initiating advance analytical techniques in your organization and avoiding many of the common pitfalls.

About Dr. Robert P. Conway

Bob Conway has thirty years experience planning, designing and building integrated data warehouse/business intelligence solutions on various platforms and tools. His broad industry experience ranges from manufacturing, retail, financial services and telecommunications to oil and gas, automotive, health care and marketing. He developed the robust RAPID Architecture and Methodology and teaches workshops on this and other data management topics. He was an adjunct instructor at several graduate level institutions and frequent speaker at local and national conferences. His presentation style is entertaining and informative.

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