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Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse (BI/DW) solutions often require a multi-million dollar investment for even modest size companies. Senior management certainly concedes that timely, reliable information is essential to business operations, but they are challenged to demonstrate real cost savings or revenue creation directly attributable to the Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse investment. In these challenging economic times, BI/DW programs are coming under increasing scrutiny to justify their budgets relative to competing investments.

The presentation will use two Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse case studies to show a measurable financial return that far exceeds the initial investment. These two examples will be used to illustrate a general protocol for scoping and managing BI/DW projects to ensure that the value proposition is quantitative and demonstrable.

About Dr. Robert Conway

Bob Conway has thirty years experience planning, designing and building integrated Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions on various platforms and tools. His broad industry experience ranges from manufacturing, retail, financial services and telecommunications to oil and gas, automotive, health care and marketing.

He developed the robust RAPID Architecture and Methodology and teaches workshops on this and other data management topics. He was an adjunct instructor at several graduate level institutions and frequent speaker at local and national conferences. He is also the founder of Breckenridge Academy, a Colorado-based firm focused on training and development of data management best practices. His presentation style is entertaining and informative.

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