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A common goal of MDM implementations is to create an accurate, uniform, 360-degree view of the customer. Accurate, consistent views provide for an enhanced customer experience for multi-channel interactions as well as cross-sell, up-sell opportunities. The next logical step for advancing the usefulness of the master data record is to include the social media touchpoints of the customer. By leveraging social media data to enrich the existing MDM customer record, a direct line of marketing has just been opened to the customer. However, this is not without its challenges.

This presentation defines the “value proposition” of social media data enrichment by discussing:

  • Integrating social media data acquisition into the Master Data Strategy
  • Tapping into the social media information pool
  • Determining which data elements should be mastered

About Solomon Williams

Solomon Williams is the Master Data Management Practice Lead at Datasource Consulting. Solomon has over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Data Management, with an emphasis on Enterprise Data Architecture, Master Data Management, Service-Oriented Architecture, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Integration and Data Warehousing.

He possesses a strong combination of strategic and technical skills with a proven track record of driving growth, reducing costs, improving operations, and implementing solutions for complex business problems for Fortune 500 organizations. Solomon’s experience spans multiple industries including Financial Services, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Oil & Gas, and Healthcare.

About Debora Langer

Debora brings more than ten years of enterprise technology sales experience and is considered a client advocate who strives to ensure an exceptional experience from the beginning of the sales cycle to successful completion of a project. Debora is a collaborative and dedicated leader consistently striving to implement efficient, real-world sales processes, practices, and solutions to a talented team of sales professionals.

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