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A fundamental component to any organization’s data program, a robust Data Governance operating model improves the success of numerous Enterprise Data Management initiatives. In this webinar, Nancy Couture, Datasource’s Data Governance Competency Director, will detail the components of a robust Data Governance operating model, and identify how this capability can be leveraged to enable and enhance other EDM initiatives, including:

- Metadata management
- Regulatory compliance
- Master Data Management (MDM)
- Data Quality management
- Data lifecycle management
- Overall data management

About Nancy Couture - Competency Director, Data Governance

About Nancy

Nancy joined Datasource in 2015. In her role, Nancy leverages her extensive experience in Enterprise Data Management to develop and refine Datasource’s methodologies, internal competencies, and training to ensure more effective and efficient project delivery. She is also the Data Governance Competency Director.

Nancy has over 30 years of experience leading enterprise data management practices in both Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies. Prior to joining Datasource, she was the Vice President of Data Management Solutions at UnitedHealth Group in Connecticut and the Vice President of Business Intelligence at SquareTwo Financial in Denver.

Nancy was the president of the TDWI Colorado Chapter for 3 years. She has published several articles in the TDWI Business Intelligence Journal and has an active blog on She is a respected authority in the Business Intelligence industry and has repeatedly presented at notable industry events including DGIQ, Information on Demand, Teradata, Health Care Data Warehousing Association, and MIT Information Quality Conference.

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